Anne Forsythe           Art. Every. Day.

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Inspired by her natural surroundings, Anne draws on her love of nature to feed her growing artistic passion. Landscapes in particular reflect the journey and tint of her life; her time spent in the Canadian Rockies, the Scottish Highlands and Islands and the east coast of Canada have all influenced her art making.

Anne Forsythe

Living in Carleton Place, her daily walks by the Mississippi river have proved fruitful as the subject of her most successful series of paintings ‘Mississippi Sunsets’. These paintings were based on a photo she took in 2015. Five of the six paintings sold off her easel before each was finished and the sixth sold at an art fair a few months later.

Having no formal art education and coming to her art making later in life, she pursues her art by trial and error with an unrelenting desire to create and learn. Different courses and teachers along the way have helped her artistic evolution and 2020-2021 has seen the most tangible changes and growth in her art. This shift has propelled her in a new direction and is providing her new techniques to master to deliver her desired mood for each piece.

Her evolution as an artist is a daily calling and is one that she answers every day. ‘Arting’ every day from her home studio, she paints ‘what turns her on’ in the company of her dog, Mable.

“Not every piece is meant to be a masterpiece but every piece teaches me something”

To view her entire gallery please go to AnnesCanvas.