Arts Carleton Place partners with local businesses and the city to showcase our members’ art. There are several venues displaying art in two month rotating exhibits. These locations also benefit from the beautiful, original visual art. The public can view the art at these locations during business hours as many pieces are in public areas.  Art may be purchased by contacting Arts Carleton Place.  Contact ACP 


Howard Kelford & DuBois, Photographer: Gilly Marston     

Smilez Dentistry, Artists: Salena Richard and Sandy Armstrong

Freska Café & Eatery, Artists: Jane Languedoc, Salena Richard, and Doug White                     

Comfort Inn & Suites – Carleton Place, Artists: Murkay Creations (Sandra Allen), Thérèse Boisclair, Robin Trafford-McLean, Bryce Ritchie, and Auni Milne.   

Businesses or other organizations wishing to showcase ACP art, as part of the Art-in-Public-Places partnership, are invited to contact the association.  Contact ACP

MEMBER Artists are Invited to Showcase Art at ‘Art in PP’ Locations

Locations accommodate a variety of art sizes and multiple artists can be located at all venues
(Please apply even if you have only 1 or 2 pieces to submit. More welcome.)

If an art piece is sold prior to your display time, it is understood that you will be substituting another similarly sized piece.

Art accommodated at locations (these are guidelines, not exact requirements):

Smilez Dentistry:   4 Medium (16×20 to 24×24)  + 1 Large (up to 24×36) 2 small
Howard, Kelford & DuBois LLP:    4 to 6 (16×20 to 30×40)  +  2 Medium (16×20 to 24×24)
Freska Cafe & Eatery:   5 spaces that can each display 1 Large or 2 medium, so:  5 to 10 (18×24 to 30×40)
Comfort Inn & Suites:  This space can accommodate many pieces with a wide range of sizes.

Commission to ACP

Arts Carleton Place takes a 5% commission (new rate as of Feb 5, 2023) on art sold at the Art in PP venues.

Please review Art in Public Places – Agreement to Loan