Cecilia Chan

Landscapes and nature – timeless, truthful inspirational

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Cecilia Chan moved to Toronto from Hong Kong with her family at the age of twelve. She has always been passionate about visual art and graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Architectural Science. But her art career really began a few years ago, when she was encouraged by a counselor to take up a hobby to help her deal with depression. So she took up painting and was encouraged to sell her work. After getting many requests for commissioned paintings, she then knew that her hobby was now her career. Cecilia describes herself as an impressionist and now works primarily with oils.

Art comes in many forms such as music, poetry, paintings, sculptures. They are ways to express emotions, perspectives, values from artists. It is personal, subjective, unique and original.
I chose canvases and paints to express my values and perspectives. Painting is like a diary which documents the self searching journey of an artist. I adore all kinds of subjects such as portraits, cityscape, landscape, buildings and structures. My favorite objects are landscapes and nature which I find are timeless, truthful inspirational.
I will continue to share my views through visual arts. My goal is to inspire and resonate with those who also appreciate nature and the world around them.

Cecilia Chan

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