Celeste Biggar       Visual story telling 

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Celeste Biggar is an artist that works with acrylic, watercolour and digital paints, and her work features a variety of different subject matters.

Celeste Biggar

Celeste began expressing her creativity at a young age by messing around with dollar store paints, making sunsets, cat pictures and whatever else would pop into her 10 year old head. This quickly evolved into a deep love for visual story telling, fueled by her avid reading of fantasy novels as well as the beautiful nature that surrounded her growing up in rural Ontario.

Throughout the years she developed her craft, taking all the art classes that she could during elementary and high school. In 2010 she graduated the Algonquin College Fine Arts program and then Graphic Design in 2013. Since then she has been exploring many different creative outlets, from improving her traditional painting skills, learning how to paint on the computer using a tablet, and even picking up embroidery at one point.

Living in the beautiful hills surrounding Lanark and still loving a good story, she draws her inspiration from all around and within. To the wonderful animals that are everything to her, to fantastical stories that lay deep in her imagination, nothing is too bizarre or too simple for her art.

She works under the banner of Acoustic Insect Studios and you can find her work on Facebook as well as on Etsy.