Derrick Hewitt        Tufting is a labour of love

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Derrick Hewitt

As a Mi’kmaq Derrick Hewitt comes from a family of artists, he works mostly in the native arts: moose and caribou hair Tufting, building inukshuks as well as making painted drums. Derrick has done videos for the Museum of Nature in Ottawa with hopes to preserve Tufting artistry for future generations. Doing Tuftings is a labour of love, it takes a lot of time and patience to complete each piece, likewise drum making is done in the traditional way Derrick learned as a Mi’kmaq.

Over the past 24 years as an artist Derrick has donated the majority of his work to charity in hopes to introduce people to the native culture in Canada. Derrick’s work has been purchased here in Canada and internationally as far away as Japan. Derrick sells his work online, at shows and does commission pieces. 

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