Ginny Fobert        Photography as art

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Ginny Fobert/MYND’S i, Photography as Art

Ginny Fobert

Once told that photography was not art, Ginny Fobert believes that a photograph is made, not taken.  It is made in your own mind and with your own eye.  It is slow and considered in its making.  It takes a discerning eye, a sense of what is around you and a comprehension of how everything reacts to the surrounding light sources to make a picture.  AND it can indeed be art!

Primarily a self-taught photographer, her goal is to bring photography further into the art world using unique photographic techniques.

“To me, it seems limiting to only photograph the world in one way.  I like to look for something of interest and go beyond it to find a different way to portray what I see.  Photography allows me to get outside the box, be a bit rebellious, break some rules and get away with it.  Photography is a way of slowing down, escaping the norm and watching the world move at a more peaceful pace.  The day I discovered photography I also discovered a hidden part of myself.”

Ginny is an accomplished fine art photographer who has had numerous solo shows with the City of Ottawa, and has been involved in multiple art festivals and exhibitions across Ontario.

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