Jana F. Jaros          A visual diary of thought and experience

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Artist Statement   Is the story getting through? Paint is most comfortable for me to express myself.  My work is a visual diary of thought and experience in acrylic and canvas.  For me the story behind the image is important.  My choice of perspective supports the experience and decision of that dialogue.  My brushstrokes are unique to each canvas from jagged application of colour to smoother blends creating environments within the form.  It can be a struggle at times to let out these thoughts.  Trying to sum up what I am saying in the few words of a title can be quite challenging.  I become quite focused painting my story and lose track of time and space-only looking up when a visitor pops in.
Jana Jaros

For more information about Jana’s art:

Website:  https://janafjaros.crevado.com/
Email:  [email protected] ( zero thirteen)