Jane Languedoc     Portraying emotion through the use of bright colours

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Jane Languedoc was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1962 on a farm just outside the city. Her parents had immigrated and she was the first in her family to be born in Canada. Having been born on the edge of the Canadian Shield, the landscapes that surrounded her inspired her deep love of trees, rocks and lakes.  Jane moved to London, England in 1976 and was exposed to an entirely different life. Her frequent visits to the National Gallery gave her a love of impressionism and she took many summer trips to Wales and saw a very different landscape and learned to love the ocean and cliffs of Pembrokeshire. She longed for the fresh air and cool lakes of home and returned to Canada in 1980.

She has always loved to sketch and paint and started painting her pets, birds, horses and dogs. Then she moved on to doing stained glass, loving how the light dapples through the colours in a way that is reminiscent of the impressionists. With her two boys to care for, the glass had to be put aside and painting ensued.

Jane has learnt from local professional artists, such as Adrian Baker, and many online programs such as Will Kemp art and Acrylic University. She loves bright colours and uses them to portray emotions. She feels that each season has a unique mood and paints each season as it occurs, surrounding herself with images of the daily hikes she takes with her dog.

Jane travels regularly and takes inspiration from many camping trips to the nearby Algonquin Park, Quebec, PEI, Bay of Fundy Cape Breton and Nova Scotia and last summer she visited the west coast for the first time. The awe of our wonderful country is a never ending inspiration and she will continue to paint and grow as an artist.

Jane participated in her first art show in November 2022 and sold very well. She is planning a very busy summer continuing with shows and a trip to Europe as she is transitioning to a new career as an artist.