Mary Jane Lancaster (MJ)   Depicting the beauty and emotions found in everyday objects

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Born and raised in Carleton Place, Mary Jane studied at Sheridan College in Brampton for Illustration in the 80’s.

She has been involved locally in the printing industry for over 35 years with expertise in graphic layout and logo design, photography as well as experience in art and antique sales.

MJ Lancaster

As a child she would draw for hours and escape into her fantasy world of dragons, unicorns, faeries and far off lands.

As an adult she has focused her interests back into the real world and enjoys depicting the beauty and emotions found in everyday objects and nature.  Items that we often take for granted and pass each day without notice.

MJ has experimented with a variety of mediums over the years, and has produced works in acrylic, watercolour, pen & ink, oils, fiberglass, metal signs, pottery, and large murals.

Commissions and challenges always welcomed.

(613) 222-8539

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