Pablo Mamani

Nature and wildlife inspired artwork

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Pablo Mamani is a self taught coloured pencil and graphite artist from Carleton Place, Ontario. He creates mainly nature and wildlife inspired artwork, animal portraits and pet portraits. His favorite animals to draw include macaws and other tropical birds.

Growing up in Carleton Place, the surrounding wildlife of eastern Ontario served as an inspiration for Pablo’s artwork. As an animal lover, Pablo took every moment to observe and take in the beauty of nature. Pablo’s family originally come from Bolivia, and trips to the Bolivian amazon where he came up close with the wide range of colorful wildlife, have also served as an inspiration for his artwork. Growing up with pets has also served as an inspiration for Pablo, especially when creating pet portraits.

Pablo has been drawing since he was a child. Often, he would draw cartoon animals, people and maps in any moment that he could. Now, in his early twenties, after taking a few years to focus on other interests, he began drawing again, and began to take his hobby more seriously, practicing a little everyday. Around August 2021, he began posting artwork on Instagram and making art progress videos showing the drawing being created. He works with graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, and acrylic paints but mainly, he uses coloured pencils to create realistic artworks. In the future, he hopes to try out new art mediums, such as oil paints and pastel pencils to create more realistic artwork.

You can see more of his finished artwork and process videos on:

Instagram @pabsartstudio