Roxanne Ward      The beauty of lampworking is that it is a journey, not a destination

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Roxanne Ward, a retired nurse and researcher, has always found ways to explore her creative side.  In 2009 she began designing and fabricating unique jewellery pieces while experimenting with various techniques and combinations of materials and colours.  During her trip to Murano (Venice, Italy) in 2007, she was inspired by the glass artists’ masterpieces and was intrigued about the process involved in glass beadmaking.

Roxanne Ward

In 2014, Roxanne’s enduring curiosity about this ancient art brought her to the Glass Shoppe Studio where she took an Introduction to Lampworking class with teacher Grace Edwards.  Continuing to develop her skills, Roxanne attended many classes and workshops, including sessions with Karina Guévin, Jana Filípkova, Nancy Mirsky, and Zuzana Hron. 

Roxanne currently works out of her home studio in rural Ottawa, as well as her space within Loretta Studios and Gallery.  She and her husband Jeff engage in outdoor activities all year round.  While immersed in nature, Roxanne gathers inspiration and this experience informs her designs.

“The beauty of lampworking is that it is a journey, not a destination.”

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