Brent McGillivray    Photo realistic paintings of vanishing landmarks

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Brent creates photo realistic paintings with watercolour, gouache and acrylic of vanishing landmarks, roadside restaurants, motels, abandoned buildings and disappearing urban and rural artifacts.  This year’s collection focus is of ‘Neon Art’

Brent McGillivray

Armed with his camera and his keen photographer’s eye he captures these striking images.  Brent’s renditions of fading neon signs is greatly influenced by the bold and innovative architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright and Luis Barragan as they blend art and architecture. 

Brent works back and forth between photography and canvas.  In the process he capitalizes on his training as an architectural draftsman to create meticulously rendered images noticing details such as the way light filters through a window or the play of shadows on a wall.  Brent’s canvasses are often large and spellbinding in their finely honed precision; they invite contemplation.  The viewer is intrigued and drawn to the image for a closer study. 

Brent’s paintings are in many private and public collections around the
world including the Market Gallery in Toronto City Hall.

To learn more about Brent’s art:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: (647) 382-8959