Steve Svarckopf    If it doesn’t pass, then into the fire it goes
“Custom Fire Wood” Creative Wood Art

Steve started working at Dofasco in Hamilton right out of school.  When he retired from there it wasn’t long before he realized that he had too much time on his hands, so he got a job driving a tour bus.  This took him all over North America.  When he retired again, he moved to Smiths’ Falls. Again he found himself at odds with too much idle time.  At this point he spent many winters in the Florida Keys.  Fishing kept him busy for four months of the year.  After that he found he had quite an interest in woodworking  and has spent many hours creating and fine tuning his new found talent

His success with local shows keeps him interested and always motivated to try new projects.  Lately he has incorporated exotic wood to improve his line of inventory which has proven to be even more of an asset .

Steve Svarckopf of “Custom Fire Wood” Creative Wood Art  … There is a sweet backstory to the company name.  Steve has quality control (which is his wife) if it doesn’t pass, then into the fire it goes.  But not these beautiful selections! They made the grade.

Both of the platters/boards are so pretty, you may wish to hang them on your wall!

To contact Steve about his Creative Wood Art:
Email:  [email protected]